Interactive Resume [sliced along functional lines for easier viewing]

I offer a strong synergy of experience broad and deep, in education, software engineering, SDLC management (Software Development Life Cycle), and writing for business, engineering, and research.

In the last several years, I have taught composition in a California State University, EFL (with my signature drive for ESL) in a Korean high school and a Korean university.

The words "my signature drive" mean I strongly insist on teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) rather than teaching ABOUT English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

For a couple of decades, I have professionally tutored grammar, composition, linguistics, and ESL. And I started teaching a broad range of courses to software practitioners and business executives a few decades ago.

I have years of experience engineering software for business, education, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and government.

I've written everything from weather advisories to business proposals and white papers and brochures, to user manuals, academic masterpieces, websites, presentations for executives, teachers, and students, and, of course, software requirements and code in every form imaginable.

This is my hand-built, home-baked HTML website,, that showcases my portfolio and history to back up these claims.

I'm a stickler for meeting real needs (truly functional), but a very flexible adopter of tools at hand to get the job done. I observe and match corporate and social cultures to facilitate clear, unambiguous communication. The Director of Curriculum at NonHyeon High School told me that I was a better exemplar of Korean etiquette than most Koreans.  It was no accident; I studied the cultural moves very carefully.

I look forward to talking about how I could bring necessary skills and empowering insights to your projects.

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